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For Survivors   

You are not alone.  Start here for help, healing, and hope. 


"With the right support and help, you can face and overcome sibling sexual abuse." 

--adult survivor collaborating with the UK Sibling Sexual Abuse Project

Over 500,000 views!

Support for Survivors (UK) 

site specifically for sibling sexual abuse survivors, helpful worldwide)

RAINN The Rape Abuse Incest National Network (US)

1in6 For Men who have had unwanted sexual experiences 24/7 online chat, message board/forum, blog, referrals for therapists and local support groups, resources for parents and partners of male survivors

RAINN Find Your Local Sexual Assault Crisis Center

RAINN Linea de Ayuda Reacciones comunes al traumaTécnicas para poner los pies sobre la tierra

EmpowerSurvivors-Sibling Sexual Trauma and Abuse private Facebook group

Trauma & Self-Care for Sexual Abuse/Assault Survivors 

FREE, self-guided online course by a leading crisis centre in the UK, SARSAS

SARSAS Self-Help Guides

Charlie Health online therapy with no waiting list, founded by survivor of child sexual assault

Survivors Healing Survivors blog by and for survivors of child sexual abuse



EmpowerSurvivors-Sibling Sexual Trauma and Abuse private Facebook group

Support for Male Abuse Survivors private Facebook group

Sibling Abuse Survivors (and Victors)

private Facebook group for survivors of all types of sibling abuse


Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor's Group Join, then ask about private group for sibling sexual abuse survivors Support Groups

Incest AWARE

Hush No More

UK Sibling Sexual Abuse Project 

Tail of the Bell podcast, support, and coaching for incest survivors

Hidden Water Green Circle a restorative justice approach to bringing healing for survivors of child sexual abuse, available worldwide, with or without the participation of other family members

Visit for a free e-book:

Do You Think You May Be a Sexual Abuse Survivor But Aren't Sure?


Siblings Too Podcast: Are You a Survivor? the words we use and why they matter

Parenting as a Survivor from the Mama Bear Effect

Survivors Speaking Out Sibling Sexual Trauma Survivors Tell Their Stories

Dr. Margarte Rutherford Selfwork Podcast:

Talking About Sibling Sexual Abuse with Jane Epstein

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