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Am I a Monster?

It’s a question that many people who have crossed another person’s sexual boundaries have asked themselves.  It may be your greatest fear.  You might have already had someone else call you a monster.  


Answer: You are not a monster.


How can someone who doesn’t know me be so sure?

  • You came to this site.  

  • You are aware that what you did was wrong.

  • You care about the harm you have caused.

  • You feel remorse--you know this is not who you want to be.

  • You are looking for help. Start here to find it.


You are more than the worst thing you have ever done.


You are a full human.  

  • You can make choices

  • You are responsible for your actions--past, present, and future

  • You deserve respect

  • You deserve support

  • You deserve to be safe

  • You deserve healthy human relationships


If you are bothered by something you did when you were younger and do not continue in the present, remember:

  • You are not the person you were

  • You have grown and matured

  • You have shown your ability to make better choices

  • You can still act to take responsibility for what you did in the past


If you’re worried about your current behavior, thoughts, or online habits, 


Harmful sexual behavior is just that: behavior. It is not your identity or your worth or your fate. blog answers Max: I hurt someone sexually.  Am I a monster? blog answers a 14 year old: I was abused but now I'm afraid I'm abusing other kids.

Watch the Stop It Now! Webinar: Am I an abuser because of my sexual behaviors as a kid?

If you’re not sure whether you should be concerned: 

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