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Welcome to No one wants to need this information. No one expects they ever will need it. But when you need it, better to have it than not.


When I consulted Google in the middle of that first desperate night after I discovered I was a parent of sibling sexual trauma, I found nothing but a single web page addressed to social workers. I had always assumed there was a website for everything, but I was wrong. Over the months and years I felt my way along my own journey, stumbling upon helpful information and support here and there. But what I found was inaccessible and scattered, most of it too late to help.  Eventually I realized that if the world wide web was going to have a site devoted to childhood sexual trauma caused by a sibling, I was going to have to create it. So here it is. 


I am a parent with lived experience. I am not a therapist. I am not a social worker. I am not an attorney. I am not a doctor of any kind. I have tried to make this site welcoming, relevant, real, and helpful to as many people who need it as possible. It will not speak to everyone who visits, at every stage of healing. The site gives general observations based on my own experience and the best information I can find, with extensive citations. It will not answer everyone's questions or meet everyone's needs, but I do hope that it will be literally better than nothing. I am striving to create the site I would have wanted for my own family.

As a parent of sibling sexual trauma, my children's story is not mine to tell, and I will not tell it here.  I am creating this site under a pen name, to protect my family's privacy. 


Brandy Black content author, 2022

Navigating this site:

When we are met with crisis, we may want "all of the information." However, often we are not able to process the information in the way we usually could and everything feels more overwhelming. This site has so much information. Take in as much or as little as you need, when you need it. Everyone will need something different.


The site has been designed in such a way to help you easily find the information you are looking for/need. All underlined teal blue links are hyperlinks to outside research, sites, articles or to other pages within the site. Don't feel the need to click on each link (unless you want to). The information is not going anywhere and we will continue to add to the site as new research, facts and support is uncovered. 

Special thanks to:

Diane Cranley, Khriste Kunz and the parents on their support group calls.

My children and husband for their graciousness in allowing me the permission and time to launch this site.

The wonderful women of 5WAVES

Content Advisors and Contributors:

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