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Survivors Speaking Out

The individuals featured on this page are all survivors of sibling sexual abuse and trauma and have chosen to share their experiences publicly, in various ways.

Alice Perle (pen name), author, self-leadership coach, business mentor, survivor of sibling sexual abuse, loving wife and mother of three adult daughters

Book: Resolve: a story of courage, healthy inquiry and recovery from sibling sexual abuse. Resolve is available globally in paperback, Kindle eBook and audiobook (read by the author).

Blog: Alice posts a weekly blog via her websiteGoodreads and social media



Phil Goldstein, Survivor of sibling sexual abuse, Poet and Author of How to Bury a Boy at Sea,  Partner and Dad of fur babies

Book: How to Bury a Boy at Sea

Podcast Interview: Flushing It Out with Samantha Spittle

Interview: Handing the Shame Back with Gloria Masters

Brinn Langdale, LMFT 

Therapist, speaker, writer, podcast host and SSA survivor and thriver


Podcast: Wholistic Approach to Healing 

Interview: Scar Bearers podcast 

Jane Epstein, Sibling Sexual Trauma survivor, speaker, advocate, supporter, co-founder of 5WAVES and IncestAware

Website: Complicated Courage

Facebook: Jane Epstein Complicated Courage - Home | Facebook

Webinar: Dear Stop It Now! Helpline...My Daughter Sexually Abused Her Sister

People Magazine: Sibling Sexual Abuse Survivor Jane Epstein Advocates for Victims

TEDx Talk Boca Raton, 2022 over 500,000 views!

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Maria Socolof, MS-EHS, survivor of SST and chronic pain, writer, advocate, 5WAVES co-founder

Books: The Invisible Key: Unlocking the Mystery of My Chronic Pain

Blogs: trauma that manifests as physical pain, recovering suppressed memories, and encouragement for survivors of incest with The Mighty, IncestAware and others 


Podcast: Hush No More: Can a person really forget a sexually traumatic experience?

​​Coffee and Cocoa interview with Maria and Jane

Handing the Shame Back, Maria's interview with Gloria Masters:

Nancy Morris, MSc Applied Psychology, Survivor and Overcomer of Sibling Sexual Abuse

#SiblingsToo Podcast and Research on Sibling Sexual Abuse

Host of First Annual Worldwide Siblings Too Day

Facebook: Siblings Too - Home | Facebook

Siblings Too Podcasts:

It's Time for My Story​ host Nancy Morris shares her journey from sibling sexual abuse victim to survivor, overcomer, and advocate

A Survivor's Story: Chris' Normal Response to an Abnormal Situation

Cheryle Gail Grace, Thriver after Sibling Sexual Abuse, Founder of  

Listen to Cheryle's experience of sexual abuse by her 22 year old married brother on the Brave Voices Community Page of Archive Storycorps--includes descriptions of abusive acts and oral rape and the aftermath for a child

Listen to Cheryle's story of founding Brave Voices:

Gloria MastersHost of Handing the Shame Back Podcast

Author, On Angels Wings and Flightpath to Healing

Gloria Tells her Story on Siblings Too podcast

Liz Roberts, MSc, Survivor of sibling sexual abuse, Lived Experience Activist and Advocate 

My mission is to speak out on behalf of those who cannot and to put the shame where it always belongs.

Carole Brooks, Sibling Sexual Abuse Survivor and Specialist, Lived Experience Consultant    

Carole tells her story in this video--includes descriptions of abuse from the child's perspective

Siblings Too Podcast: It's Not Your Secret to Keep featuring interview with Carole Brooks

Carole was a major consultant to the UK's SARSAS Sibling Sexual Abuse Project  

Lisa Hilton, Certified Trauma Recovery Coach

Lisa's blog telling her story of sibling sexual, physical, and emotional abuse

Memoirs and Writing by SST Survivors

Risa Shaw, Not Child's Play An Anthology on Brother-Sister Incest 

collection of poetry, visual art, and short prose from female survivors of sexual abuse by their brothers, groundbreaking first edition 2000, second edition released 2023 with new preface, forward and afterward.

Hannah Cartwright, RN, MA Healing Sibling Sexual Trauma A Very Personal Story

Phil Goldstein, How to Bury a Boy at Sea, book of poetry

Dr. Vanessa Dunn Guyton, Hush No More: Healing Through Words, poetry anthology including contributions by SST Survivors

Nubia Duvall Wilson, The Survivors Club supernatural thriller novella

Diana E. H. Russell, The Secret Trauma: Incest in the Lives of Women and Girls, includes Breaking the Myth of Mutuality, a chapter on brother-sister incest

Risa Shaw, Not Child's Play An Anthology on Brother-Sister Incest *newly released 2nd edition, 2024*

Maria Socolof, The Invisible Key Unlocking the Mystery of My Chronic Pain

Share Your Story 


Telling your story as a survivor of sibling sexual trauma/abuse can be a healing experience. It can let others know they are not alone. It can also bring trauma, and drama, to the surface. We recommend finding trusted sources of support and taking extra care of yourself if you decide to go through this process.  This publication, from the Marie Collins Foundation, has information and advice, from victims and survivors of child sexual abuse who have shared their experiences, for victims and survivors who are considering sharing theirs:

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