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What is the World Asking About Sibling Sexual Abuse?

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

5WAVES launched in January 2022. It was, and still is, the world’s only comprehensive website devoted specifically to sibling sexual abuse and trauma. Brandy began writing it in 2021, in response to the lack of information she found online when her family needed it most.

Now that the site exists, who is visiting it? What can we learn from who is visiting and what they are clicking? The data below are collected from Google search console and Wix dashboard reports covering the past full year, June 2022-June 2023.

There is demand: 45,830 unique viewers have visited the site in the past year. Visitors are currently averaging nearly 6000 per month.

The need is worldwide: Visits have originated from 168 countries, on every continent.

There is interest in all categories of people affected: Of those visitors who clicked on one of the four main portals for type of person involved:

  • 41% selected the survivors/victims portal,

  • 28% selected the parents portal (including 14% who visited a blog written for parents of adult children),

  • 22% selected the portal for people who have sexually harmed a sibling, and

  • 7% selected the professionals portal.

Site visitors’ top question, overwhelmingly: Where is the Line? What is normal and what’s harmful when it comes to sibling sexual behavior?

  • Sibling Sexual Abuse vs. Normal Curiosity: Where's the Line? is by far the most-visited page on the site, with over ⅓ of site visitors clicking on this page.

  • Of those who find the site through Google, four times as many click on Where’s the Line as the next-most-clicked match.

  • Top Google searches that lead visitors to click on the site include the words normal, inappropriate, experimentation, curious, touching–words that suggest questions, confusion, and possibly guilt about behavior that has happened.

A solid second concern: What Do I Do Now?

Question #3 may be surprising for those who have never asked it themselves: Did This Really Happen to Me?

Concerns about how to manage safety and risk and family relationships form the next tier. This includes pages such as:

What language do visitors use to find the site?

  • “Abuse” is the most-searched term that leads visitors to the site

  • Neutral terms such as “touch” or “behavior” are next

  • Other less commonly searched terms include trauma, incest, molestation, rape, and assault

But–what are even more people searching for?

  • The number of searches that end in clicks on is dwarfed by the number of searches that appear to be seeking sibling porn.

  • Searches for porn far outnumber searches related to abuse.

  • Child exposure to online porn is a leading risk factor for children to sexually harm their siblings or other children.

  • More to come on our next blog post–scroll up to subscribe.

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