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5WAVES, One Year!

"A spark is a little thing, yet it may kindle the world." ~Martin Farquhar Tupper

It's 5WAVES first anniversary!

One year ago today, the cofounders of 5WAVES synchronized across two continents and five time zones and met on Zoom for the first time. We all knew the crushing isolation of facing sibling sexual trauma alone, whether as survivors or parents. We had all been trying to reach and help others in our own ways. Then, within a week’s time, we all came into contact with Jane and everything fell into place for us to meet. It was the first time some of us had seen the face and heard the voice of another person who actually understood what we were going through. That day was the beginning of the connection and collaboration that became 5WAVES, Inc.

And look what we have accomplished in only one year!

  • We launched, the first-ever website dedicated to sibling sexual trauma and abuse, reaching readers in over one hundred countries on all seven continents

  • Jane gave her TEDx Talk, Giving Voice to Sibling Sexual Abuse, viewed by 200,000 and counting

  • Our co-founders have been featured on multiple podcasts

  • Brandy's Blog has given voice to individuals affected by sibling sexual trauma, both within and outside 5WAVES

  • We have offered lived experience perspective to the UK's Sibling Sexual Abuse National Project, Conference and follow-up initiatives

  • People Magazine published articles that will reach millions, in print and online, featuring Jane and Hope each telling their personal stories of sibling sexual trauma

  • 5WAVES incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the US, the first specifically dedicated to those affected by sibling sexual trauma and abuse

  • We published our organization website,, which includes information on prevention and guidance on responding to survivors and families

Most important, the five of us are no longer working alone and no longer facing our own journeys alone. And thousands of others also know they are not alone, because of our collective work in Worldwide Awareness, Voice, Education and Support.

We also wish to acknowledge all who have supported our cause and helped us get this far: Our families, our friends, those who have donated money or services, those who have promoted our stories on their platforms, those who have viewed and shared our resources. This is just the beginning!

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